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Muhammad Junaid Abbasi


Artist / Writer / Youth Activist /Honorary Regional Director  World Smile Archive

A young artist, a self-motivated humanitarian worker- hail to Islamabad, Pakistan.  He has been honored to be amongst World top 10,000 best Artists in 2013. Besides his artistic passion, Junaid Abbasi is actively taking part in humanitarian work i.e., education, poverty alleviation and deprived children’ financial and social wellbeing since 2010.

He has also bestowed with honorary writing membership of as youth blogger and article writer in several national news publishing agencies. In this regard, he is availing the opportunity to work with different national newspaper network as young article writer. He raises his voice against inequality and highlight deprived children’ problems and sensitize people to play their part for their up-gradation.

Junaid Abbasi has also been working with United Nations as UN Volunteer program member since 2015 and has successfully completed several international projects regarding international peace and development in-turn awarded with certificate of appreciation from UNDP.

In recognition of his efforts for underprivileged children in Pakistan  he was awarded  Honorary Regional Director Title  of World Smile Archive. World Smile Archive working for underprivileged children worldwide with large number of representatives in +50 countries around the world. World Smile archive is a project of Culture promotion office of Poland. Project was initiated by Marek Wysoczynski (Founder & international Director World Smile Archive) in 2001, along with his enthusiastic team members, tends to make people self-dependent and motivates them to settle their issues by coordination and cooperation. Their dedicated welfare activities and programs resulted in unity and harmony between different national communities regardless of their social class and religious affiliations. Consequently, WSA Pakistan is making progress with every passing day and has successfully organized many events for Underprivileged children with the collaboration of various  institutions in  Pakistan.

“My vision is to build connection between underprivileged children and affluent national and international community, strengthen peace and harmony between different social classes to make this world a peaceful and worth-living place for innocent souls. “



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